Your Dream Your App Vision

The Magic App machine are a team of skilled product specialists: front-end and back-end developers, UI and UX designers, product managers, testers and marketers, who understand what makes people and mobile apps click, grow and expand your brand.


Magic apps are an app design and development company based in Worcester we’ve had years of experience of specialising in building great mobile apps that make a difference, what’s even better is that they are compatible for IOS and Android devices.


So what sets us apart is our forward-thinking approach to any project. It doesn’t matter what size your business is or what sector you work in our methods cut through into the market and always create a product that can be used from the day it’s published onto the market.

We focus on efficiency

There’s method in our madness, we create a plan and we stick to it, we don’t want your idea taking too long, we want it on the market as quickly as possible. Straight from our product discovery workshops, testing and prototypes to give you the best value. We always advise you on the best approach for your product.


We make it fun

Developing an app shouldn’t be a chore, this is your dream and we should make it fun. We make sure we keep face to face contact to a high to make sure if there are any changes to your business we are there to react to it. 

So if you want your app on the market today then get in contact today and we can help make your vision become true, creating a product that works for the get-go and makes a great return from you. 


Magic Apps