Cutting Edge App Solutions

Magic App Machine is a local app development company, creating cutting edge app solutions for local and global companies. We work with businesses to build innovative enterprise tools and engaging experiences. We are seeing a natural shift into how audiences engage with digital and guess what, apps are on the forefront.

Our customer success is always high

We care about our customers and their success. We believe in building forward-thinking partnerships with our clients to make sure we always succeed their expectations repeatedly. Thanks to our experience and understanding of how apps work in the market we create unique solutions every time. We challenge ourselves every time to always go over and above what you need to do to cut through in the market.

“Looking for mobile app solutions that really work for IOS and Android, we’re ready and waiting.”

Timeline is always important, naturally every business is so different. We have worked with butchers where there day starts at 4am we’ve worked with the nightlife scene where their day only starts at 9pm. Our app development process is always built around your business which is what makes us so flexible to create real results.

We help you turn concepts into great reliable and tech driven robust digital solutions, with tangible strategy, using stunning design and with user journey on the forefront of design.

“Let’s not wait, let’s create…together.”

How Much do they really cost?

We’ve all heard the rumours that apps cost so much… Well that’s not always true, with our inbuilt template systems we can make app building a lot more affordable and easy to manage.

What makes Magic App Machine different?

With our hands on approach we make app building fun, affordable and exciting. We have worked with start ups to large companies and with our modern thinking approach we create real results.

Will my idea stay confidential?

Absolutely, we know those million dollar ideas could change your life so we make sure they stay 100% confidential and with our non disclosure agreements no one will know besides you and us.

What other apps have you developed?

If you would like to see examples of my most recent work then head over to my portfolio page where you can see everything we’ve been up to.

Can I integrate other software with my app?

Yes, there sometimes can be limitations depending on what you want to integrate but there are a range of programs that can work with our apps but with our workshops we can discover what works for you.

If you want to know anything else then call us today or you can reach out to us on our social media channels and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.